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Why a Standing Pull Up Bar is Best for Your Apartment

If you're renting an apartment and you want to perform pull ups at home, there are very few options for you to do this exercise without causing any damage. With a free standing pull up bar, however, it would be possible for you to perform pull up routines without risking any damage to your rented room.

Many available pull up bars require you to drill a hole into the wall or ceiling which most landlords prohibit. A doorframe pull up bar, while requiring no drilling to be secured, can leave dents on the frame. This is especially the case if the molding is made of softwood or is already old. But even if the woodwork is tough, the doorframe pull up bar would still come of easily if you try to do kipping pull ups.

Substitutes you can find in your apartment, such as the bar in the closet, the doorframe, and the door itself, would seem like a good alternative to pull up bars. However, if the apartment is already old, these may not be able to hold up to your weight.

The best way to keep your rented room safe while doing pull ups is by using a standing pull up bar. This type of equipment requires no drilling and can be placed in the middle of the room during workouts. Many models have an adjustable bar attachment so it can accommodate your height and allow you to variations of the pull up. If you're inviting friends over, you can easily move the pull up bar to the corner to make way for guests.

When selecting a pull up bar, it's best to choose one that's made with high gauge steel and quality construction. This guarantees that your equipment remains stable as you do your pull up routines.

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